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Box-Office Report of the Week from 30th January 2009 to 5th February 2009

February 11, 2009

Luck By ChanceThe week from 30th January to 5th February 2009 started with the release of two not so big budget movies Victory and Luck By Chance. Luck By Chance is a movie starring Farhan Akhtar and Konkona Sen Sharma in the main leads along with Hrithik Roshan and Isha Sharwani. Luck By Chance released in over 550 picture halls all over India and in its first week collected a total of 10,56,00,000 gaining the first position at the Box-Office. At the second position was Raaz – The Mystery Continues, which in its second week collected around 4,27,00,000 from 625 cinema halls. But this collection was 78.94% less than its first week collections. Raaz has been declared a semi hit throughout India.

VictorySlumdog Crorepati (Dubbed) bagged the third position at the Box-Office with collections around 2,41,00,000 in its second week, from 300 cinema halls. This collection was 56.42% less than its first week’s collections and the movie achieved average rating throughout India. On the fourth position was new movie Victory starring Harman Baweja and Amrita Rao, which earned 1,72,00,000 in its first week from 525 cinema halls and was considered a disaster at the Box-office. Slumdog Millionaire (English) was at the fifth position with a collection of around 1,05,00,000 in its second week, 60.22% less than its first week collections, from 75 halls. This film had an average rating throughout India. At sixth position was Ghajini, running in its sixth week, with a collection of 1,03,00,000, 61.71% less than its previous week’s collection, form 300 cinema halls.

Raaz-The Mystery ContinuesRab Ne Bana Di Jodi gained the seventh position at the Box-Office with a collection of 29,00,000 in its 8th week, 59.42% less than its previous week, from 125 cinema halls. Chandni Chowk To China, a flop movie that could only afford to earn 3 19,00,000 in its third week from 125 cinema halls. This collection was almost 95.15% less than its last week’s collection. This was all for this week. Next week on Friday we will see the Box Office report for the week from 6th of February to 12th of February 2009.

Bollywood Box Office Report(Week 23/01/2009 to 29/01/2009)

February 6, 2009

Raaz-The Mystery ContinuesThe Bollywood Movies that were currently running throughout this Box-Office week from 23rd Jan to 29th Jan were Raaz-The Mystery Continues, Slumdog Crorepati(dubbed), Chandini Chowk To China, Ghajini, Slumdog Millionaire (english), Rab Ne Bana di Jodi and Asma-Sky is the Limit.

This Box Office week opened with the release of two big movies Raaz-The Mystery Continues and Slumdog Millionare(english) and Slumdog Crorepati(dubbed), in India. Two more small budget movie 42kms and Asma-Sky is the Limit were released Slumdog Millionaire Movie Posterout of which 42kms did nor get any recognition in front of these other two giants. Raaz-The Mystery Continues in its first week itself earned a weekly and total net gross collection of 20,28,00,000 from 874 cinemas throughout India, while the dubbed version Slumdog Crorepati had a weekly and net gross collection of about 5,53,00,000 from 325 cinema hall throughout India. The English version Slumdog Millionaire gained the third position with a weekly and total net gross collection of 2,64,00,000 from 75 cinemas hall in India. So the first three Movies at the Box office were Razz-The Mystery Continues, Slumdog Crorepati and Slumdog Millionaire.

Chandni Chowk To China Movie PosterThe fourth position was grabbed by Akshay Kumar’sChandini Chowk To China with its weekly net gross collection of 3,92,00,000 in second week from 675 cinema halls. But this collection was almost 85% less than its first week’s collection. Movie has been declared a flop in India. At the fifth position was the Aamir Khan’s Ghajini that had already created records in India and Overseas and is running in its fifth week. Ghajini’s this week’s net gross collection was around 2,69,00,000 which is around 48% less than the fourth week, from 450 cinema halls. But Ghajini has been declared an all time Blockbuster in India. Shahrukh’s Rab Ne Bana di Jodi another blockbuster after Ghajini gained the 6th position in its 7th week, with a weekly net gross collection of around 68,00,000 which is around 45% less than its last week’s collection, from 175 cinema halls. Asma-Sky Is The Limit also like 42kms proved to be at a disaster at the Box-Office in its very first week with a collection of only 3,00,000 from 25 cinema halls.

Ghajini Movie PosterThe above was a report from India. Overseas Raaz-The Mystery Continues earned around UK$18,971 in UK. Slumdog Millionare(english) earned around $40million in its first week last year and is still earning a lot of profit and has already surpassed the collections of Jodha Akbar overseas , Chandini Chowk to China earned £ 2,74,524 through 61 screens on its first weekend from 16th to 22nd but till the next weekend i.e from 23rd to 29th the collections fell by 76% with a collection of only £ 19,277 approximately from 57 screens. Ghajini earned UK$24,330 in UK and US$17,409 in US and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi earned UK$2,475 in UK.


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